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Help Your Child Think Like a Champion 

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Unlock your child’s full potential with the Gotta Tennis Digital Academy – the only online platform that unlocks the tactical secrets of professional players.

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You’ve invested in lessons, equipment, and tournaments for your child, but are they truly developing the skills they need to succeed in tennis?

Winning tennis matches isn’t just about hitting the ball well. It’s about understanding the game’s patterns, making smart shot selections under pressure, and anticipating the opponent’s next move.

The Gotta Tennis Digital Academy is designed to give your child the mental edge they need to excel on the court.

We go beyond stroke technique, teaching the tactical and strategic skills that transform good players into champions.

What Your Child Will Learn

Tactical Competence

Understand court positioning, shot selection, and patterns of play to make better decisions in every situation.

Opponent Scouting

Dissect the opposing player’s strengths and weakness to push the winning edge in your favor.

The Shot Cycle

The foundation of intelligent tennis – how to receive, send, and reposition to control the point.

Error Detection

Identify and eliminate the tactical, technical, and target-area mistakes that are holding you back.


Develop skills that hold up in high-stakes matches, not just practice drills and training sessions.


Take on a process-oriented approach to tennis that reduces stress and allows you to stay ahead of the competition.


The Shot Wizard

Your personal tactical playbook, delivering the optimal shot choice for every scenario on the court.


Dive deep into our proven framework, understanding the concepts that will transform your court awareness, decision making and shot selection.

Expert Video Library

Instruction from top coaches and players, covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced tactical concepts.


Connect with other tennis parents, players, and coaches who are passionate about improving their game through strategic thinking and learning.

Our Esteemed Supporters

Our mission is driven by the strength of our community. We’re proud to be supported by an incredible network of professionals, including top players, renowned coaches, and innovators in sports science. Their belief in our vision propels us forward. Join us and become part of this distinguished group making waves in the tennis world.

Novak djokovic

A maestro on the court whose relentless pursuit of excellence has led to an astonishing collection of 24 Grand Slam titles, securing his legacy as one of tennis’s all-time greats.

Tommy haas

A distinguished force in tennis with a career-high ranking of World No. 2, his remarkable tenure on the ATP Tour is a testament to skill, perseverance, and the spirit of the game. Celebrated as one of the sport’s greatest all-court players, his versatile playstyle has left an indelible mark on tennis history.

Kim Clijsters

A celebrated force in women’s tennis, Kim Clijsters achieved the pinnacle of success with No. 1 rankings in both singles and doubles. Known for her formidable game and inspiring comebacks, she has clinched four Grand Slam titles, captivating fans across the globe with her skill and resilience.

Sven groensvield

A respected figure in tennis coaching, has worked with tennis elites including Monica Seles, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki, and Maria Sharapova. With a coaching career that spans across decades, he’s shaped multiple generations of players

Dr. Jim Loehr

A pioneer and world-renowned performance psychologist has developed mental resilience programs for tennis greats like Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, and Gabriela Sabatini. An author of 17 books, including several New York Times bestsellers.

Dr. Michael Kernodle

USPTA Master Professional and acclaimed coach, carries a Ph.D. in Kinesiology and is a member of esteemed national tennis and sports science committees.

Oivind Sorvald

A revered tennis coach, shapes Norway’s emerging talents with innovative methods at the Norwegian Tennis Federation, driving the sport’s national success. His notable achievement includes a decade-long tenure as Casper Ruud’s technical coach.

Liam Smith

With 20 years of elite coaching experience, he has shaped top talents including Gael Monfils and Alex DeMinaur, contributed to junior Grand Slam victories, and coached several top 100 players. Currently, he brings his extensive expertise to the ATP Coach Committee.

Michael Joyce

Former ATP player turned elite coach, is best known for guiding Maria Sharapova to Grand Slam victories. His unique blend of personal tour experience and strategic insight has made him a valuable asset in the WTA coaching arena, emphasizing mental toughness and technical skill.


With over 30 years of experience, Scott Williams has transitioned from a pro player to a top coach, notably guiding Tommy Haas to world No. 2. Recognized with prestigious coaching awards, his method focuses on holistic player development, combining technical skill and mental toughness.


Gotta Tennis was founded by former professional players and renowned coaches Brett Hobden and Gordon Uehling. We believe that winning in tennis involves more than just hitting the ball—it’s about understanding the game at a deeper level.

Our unique approach and language, rooted in decades of experience at the highest levels of the sport and backed by research, focus on the often-overlooked tactical and mental aspects of tennis. We teach players and coaches to think like champions, make smarter decisions under pressure, and develop the strategic skills that lead to consistent victories.

By prioritizing tactical awareness, situational shot making, and a holistic understanding of the game, we empower players and coaches to unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success both on and off the court.

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